About Us

6 St. Joseph House is located at 6 St. Joseph Street
1 block north of Wellesley St. between Yonge and Bay
Toronto, ON M4Y 1J7
Tel: (416) 923-8836
Email: yellowdoornews@6stjoseph.ca

About 6 St. Joseph House

Yellow Door Learning Center @ 6 St. Joseph House ~ a Creative Learning & Resource Centre.

We offer over 40 courses in the arts, life skills and wellness to people experiencing systemic barriers and life transition challenges.

6 St. Joseph House, an urban creative resource centre modeled on John McKnight’s teachings and philosophies of self-directed compassionate communities that help individuals tap into innate creative abilities to facilitate transitional phases of life.

6 St. Joseph House is operated by Seeds of Hope Foundation which is located in two core Toronto neighbourhoods and helps individuals tap into their innate creative resources to move beyond the immediate challenges in their lives.  At St. Joseph House, everyone who walks through our doors finds the inspiration to re-imagine their lives and the strength and support they need to move forward.

Governance: St. Joseph House – is governed by a Steering Committee that meets weekly and is open to all participants at the centre.
Seeds of Hope Foundation – is governed by a Board of 15 Directors
6 St. Joseph House is the main project of Seeds of Hope Foundation.

Existing Programmes – that have made 6 St Joseph a unique centre of belonging in the City of Toronto include the following weekly activities:
– Learning Centre Programs
– Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
– Double Recovery meetings (drug and alcohol addiction)
– Debtors Anonymous and Business-owners Debtors meetings
– Art classes and workshops
– Music and experimental sound jam sessions
– Music events – monthly Yellow Door Cafes
– Reflection & meditation
– Renovation projects

Our Hospitality Practice:
– Community Meals
– Lunch Invitation
– Friendship Building through our Compassionate Honesty practice
– Healing circles and other programs that encourage people to develop new social abilities and

Computer Resource Centre:
–  computer station with Internet available for use by house contributors.

Our Creativity Practice includes:
Community Arts Programme
– We support individuals who have artistic talent and/or an interest in the arts.
– We provide space for artists to display their art & we work with them to find new ways to use their artistic talents and market their art.
– At our events, such as the Yellow Door Café, we invite the participation of people with talent in music & performance.
– We also support video, computer imaging, and film artistry.

Our Life Transition Supports include:
Supportive Housing Programme
We have initiated two supportive housing projects at 682 & 688 Broadview Avenue as “dry houses” providing a home for 20 men who have completed addiction treatment programs and want to make a positive change in their lives. This project builds on the ability of many people in recovery to contribute to the management and operation of housing, as well as supporting others in recovery.

We also encourage residents to contribute to the wider community: e.g., repairing computers, doing printing work for community groups, offering learning centre courses, and doing renovations.



  1. jim said,

    Great newsletter and a great mission. Kudos!

  2. Margaret said,

    I just joined this week. Thank you to Darlene and staff for showing me around and allowing me to both particpate and facilitate with my knitting and beading to my peers. I know I am going to be joining other classes that you offer. I really enjoyed the cranial therapy session by Robert Harris yesterday and plan to practice his technique and the becalm balls to help me with relaxation and pain:) Love and Hugs God Bless you all:)

  3. Margaret said,

    It was great fun teaching beads yesterday and I look forward to it again today. People seemed to really catch on well and enjoy it with music and conversation flowing:) I will be bringing more beads today:) Nobody was interested in knitting yet though but hopefully soon:)

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